As we minister to the youth of Faith Church, the vision is to partner with parents and the church body to bring students to spiritual maturity through intentional relationships and excellent programming.

Partnering with parents means we believe Scripture teaches that the parents are the ones charged with the primary responsibility of investing in their children’s spiritual growth (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Ephesians 6:4). We are here to supplement that, not replace it, which means we hope to be resources of encouragement while providing avenues for families to grow together in the pursuit of godliness.

Current research also indicates the most influential voice in the life of young people (whether they recognize it or not!) is that of their parents. Strategically, this means that to disciple our youth, helping them connect to God, the body and others, it is best for us to commit to reinforcing what students are already learning at home while faithfully seeking to serve and encourage families as they walk through the challenging years of teen life. We believe that young people matter now and that healthy and vibrant relationships in the home are not myths.

Partnering with the church body means we believe it is the responsibility of the church as a whole, not just a select few, to reach out and minister to the younger generations. This takes place through adults reaching out to youth where they are and discipling them as they serve alongside in the ministry of the Church. If parent’s are the primary family, then the church body is the extended family supporting these students, challenging them and encouraging the use of their gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God.

Our mission is that we glorify God by seeking to lead our church family in helping students CONNECT TO GOD by knowing him and his Truth, CONNECT TO THE BODY by growing together in God’s grace and CONNECTING TO OTHERS by sharing God’s love to our neighbors and the world.

This currently takes place through:

• 9:45am Sunday School – looks at the Biblical Narrative as a whole. Providing a big picture view of what God has done through history and what He continues to do today. Our Jr. and Sr. High class walks your student through different books of the Bible and study their impact for our lives.

• 6:30pm Wednesday Nights - Swampfire 

• 6:30pm Thursday Nights – Trail Life and American Heritage Girls.

• 6:00pm Sunday Night - The Gathering – On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, Students gather for dinner and build relationships as we have fun together as well as hear a testimony or have a devotion.

• Special Events – From Game Nights to Retreats we desire to create environments where the biblical relationships can form and friends can be invited. Check out the church Calendar for upcoming events.