Quarterly Sunday School Classes

Sundays 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Galatians / Ephesians / Philippians 
Taught by Rhea Faris & Larry Huss                                                                             With these three letters from Paul, we will be thinking through how God draws us closer to Him and what it looks like to grow in grace.  We will also consider "life on life" questions such as:
     How should we live out our Christianity?
     What does working have to do with being a Christian?
     How is my work ministry for God?

God's Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture
Facilitated by Josh Caughman & Mark Shelby
     Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues:  gender identity, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage.  The world's perspective on these issues has certainly changed over the last decade.  So how do you answer the questions about God's design for sexuality to church members and their families?  We want people to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form a gospel-based response to questions from both inside and outside the church.