Ways 2 Give

Ways 2 give Online

It's a beautiful Friday Faith Family! (I do feel like I have to tell myself which day of the week it is right now, don't y'all?)

This is a little update about all the ways you can GIVE to Faith Church during this time that we are away from the building! Some of these are ones you know, and one is BRAND NEW!


Ways 2 Give:

1. Mail

Yes! Good old fashioned mail is still working! Our US Post Office is doing a great job right now of still providing great service! Let's all pray for all those hard working postal workers! I will be checking the mail shortly after lunch time each day to be sure we are receiving everything from you all!

1811 Dutch Fork Road
Irmo, SC 29063

2. Online

During this current time, the very best way to give is on our website (www.growingthroughfaith.com/giving)! It's easy! Here is a document with step by step how to give online at Faith church;

Online Giving How-To Instructions

3. Drop Box

At the beginning of next week, we will have a Drop Box located next to the Church Office door of the building! This will be a locked mailbox that you can drop any checks in! Anytime! I will check it just as regularly as I am checking the mail! 

Hope this is helpful! If you have any issues, you can all feel free to email me at lori@faithirmo.org and I would LOVE to help you!!

Praying for you ALL!



You guys remember a couple of hours ago when I said we'd have a new Drop Box for you all to give some time next week? Well, our awesome Facilities Man has made it happen already!!! You guys all know Brad is awesome but now he's upped his status to super awesome!!


You guys feel free to start using this giving option right away!