A Matter of Perspective

a matter

Dear Faith Family,

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord save me,” (Matthew 14:30).

Are you familiar with the story?  Jesus walking on the water.  Peter walking on the water.  Peter getting scared.  Peter sinking.  So, you’re one of the disciples watching from the boat.  Maybe you wish you had Peter’s courage.  Maybe you’re glad you don’t have Peter’s courage as you watch him begin to sink.  What do you see?

Well, the first thing you think you see is a ghost!  Yikes!  And, of course that produces fear, even terror.

Next you see that the ghost is Jesus.  Maybe relief overcomes your fear.

And then you see Peter.  Wow!  What a courageous colleague.  He asks for it and then does it.  Your jaw hits the deck.  For the love of Pete, he’s walking on the water!  But before Peter’s courage can become contagious, you watch his head turn from Jesus to the wind on the water.  Uh oh! 

From the edge of the boat you can see the terror on Peter’s face.  He begins to sink.  Maybe you want to help him.  Maybe you’re paralyzed by the same fear that you can hear in Peter’s voice.

Perhaps it’s the relief that you feel.  Perhaps it’s the tears that clear your vision.  Suddenly what’s really important comes into focus.  His name?  Jesus, the Son of God!

Is it the swiftness of Jesus’ hand to save?  Is it the way the wind stops when He gets into the boat?  How quickly the matters at hand shrink when compared to the greatness of our Savior!

Sometimes Jesus uses the wind to demonstrate His strength us.  Sometimes Jesus uses our weakness to demonstrate His care for us.

So, consider the wind an opportunity to see the strength of your God.  Is the wind blowing in your life?  Consider your weakness an opportunity to see your God who cares.  Is your weakness painfully obvious right now?

What do you see?

In His love,
Pastor Karl