What Are You Looking For?

What are you

Dear Faith Family, 

Come, behold the works of the Lord, (Psalm 46:8a). 

Ever hear someone say, “I’m going to check Facebook”?  Twitter?  Snapchat?  Instagram?  TikTok?  Maybe those words have occupied your own thoughts or even rolled off of your own lips? 

I confess, there are some “friends” that I have on Facebook that I look forward to reading their posts.  Some encouraging.  Some challenging.  Some “too much information”!  And, some just down right funny!  At this point you may be anticipating a rant about how we need to cut down our time on social media.  And, although that may be just what some need to hear, that is not my intention here. 

Instead, I simply want to ask a question: “What are people looking for on social media?”  Social media affords the opportunity to keep up with any number of people and what’s happening in their lives.  Sometimes it calls for prayer.  Sometimes it gives hope.  Sometimes it steals misplaced hope.  It offers identity in any number of ways.  For instance, the number of friends can be an identifier.  Number of “likes” or responses offers status boosters.  Even the misfortune of others extends an invitation to feel better about self. 

Ok.  Can we be a bit more personal?  Like, what are we looking for on social media?  Relationship?  Information (like what’s happening in our world)?  Comic relief?  Escape?  Identity? 

The Psalmists, (in this case, the sons of Korah), call us to come and see the works of the Lord.  Like, what is God doing in His world, the one we live in?   

Ok.  Full disclosure.  I’m sitting in our master bedroom in a rocking chair with a laptop in my lap.  The bedroom door is closed due to the noise.  New flooring is being installed as I write (the nearly 20-year-old carpet had outlived its years).  The first floor of our house is virtually empty (the toilet is in the garage / the bathroom sink is on the front lawn).  The garage is virtually full.  Upstairs is cluttered beyond comfortable.  Most everything is either out of place or inaccessible or both! 

So, how do I come and behold the works of the Lord?  Well, the psalmists tell us.  You’re not going to like it!  It says: “Be still.”  These articles help me to do just that.  For the moment the baseboard molding will wait.  For the moment the toilet rebuild kit will rest quietly on the shelf at Lowe’s.  And for the moment, the felt footies that need to be placed on all of our furniture will hold their sticky until further notice. 

For now, I will pause (be still) and see the works of the Lord.  I will contemplate the Word of our God.  How He adorns His living room with trees and animals (including turkeys!).  What He is up to in His world.  Like how He is at work in and through my “friends” on Facebook and beyond!  How about you? 

Beholding the works of the Lord, 
Pastor Karl