Adulting isn’t always fun or easy, but there are times when it definitely is both fun and easy.  Regardless of what life is like for you currently, adulting is best done in community with other Jesus followers.  As Christians, we should always be eager to seek reason from God’s Word and determine the ways that that we can adult better because of God.  Although not every issue in life is “theological”, scripture is our starting point for how we approach life.  If you are interested in finding out how about we “adult” together, this is a good place to start.  Contact us at or 803-732-1234


Some basics of adulting with us:

  • Eating Sunday morning breakfast together in the Fellowship Hall at 9:15 – just a time to relax and catch up on life!
  • Worshipping together in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00!
  • Join our adult bible study immediately following the worship service on Sundays!
  • Meeting together in groups throughout the month. Some of these are specific Bible studies or book studies, others are for mentoring or working through specific struggles or concerns. 
  • Social gatherings and fun events are scheduled throughout the year!
  • Opportunities to serve the community!

We want to walk with you as we take our next step together and grow even closer to Jesus. If you want help knowing or taking your next step, call us at 732-1234 so that we can get together and enjoy life together.