Faith Church understands that its primary purpose is making disciples. God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, has provided a way for us to have a relationship with Him. As God’s children, we are disciples, devoted followers, who are in a relationship with Him. We simply desire to be more and more like Jesus.

Faith Church offers opportunities for adults to be encouraged in their relationship with Jesus and grow as a disciple while also providing a safe place for the times when we stumble. Just like children, we all grow at different speeds. Faith Church wants to meet people where they are and come alongside them as they take their next step in that relationship with Jesus.

We believe that all we do in life is part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. All we do fits into three areas:

Regardless of where you are in your relationship with Jesus, we want to help you take your next step to grow even closer to Him. If you want help knowing or taking your next step, call us at 732-1234 so that we can get together and help you with that.