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Nursery Policy


Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Faith Nursery ministry is to serve the children and parents at Faith by providing a safe, clean, and loving childcare environment.



All volunteers in the nursery must meet the following criteria:

1.      Be members of Faith Presbyterian Church or regular attenders for 6 months.

2.      Complete a volunteer application and background check.

3.      Go through a training class before beginning work.  Procedures for each room will be explained.

4.      Be 18 years old to work with infants; 13 to work with walkers and 5th grade to work with 2’s through 4’s.  All volunteers under 18 will be scheduled with an adult volunteer.

5.      Arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time to serve.

6.      Wear their nametag.



A.      Each room must be staffed with at least two volunteers at all times.

B.      Each room must have at least one adult present at all times.  Volunteers under 18 are not to be left with children alone.

C.     Volunteers will serve on a once a month basis or as needed, unless quarterly placement is requested.

D.     If unable to serve during a scheduled time, volunteers are responsible to find a replacement from those listed on the Sunday Ministries Sheet.  After finding a replacement, volunteers must notify the Nursery Coordinator or the church office of any changes.  Nursery reminders and schedules need to be kept current.

E.      The Sunday Ministries Sheet is mailed to each volunteer at the beginning of the month.  Reminders are mailed the week prior to each volunteer’s assigned time.  The schedule is also posted on the Faith website at, as well as, in the bulletin each Sunday.

F.      Parents of children who utilize Faith Nursery are strongly encouraged to serve in the nursery.


Safe Care:

All children must wear their Safe Care I.D. tag during their stay in Faith nursery.  Each child’s parent will be given a corresponding I.D. tag.  The I.D. tag must be presented to the nursery volunteer when the child is picked up from the nursery.  Only parents or adults given permission by the parents are permitted to pick up children from the nursery. 



A.      Only well children are permitted in the nursery.    Parents should not bring their child to the nursery if the child has had a fever or other signs of illness in the last 24 hours. Parents will be notified if their children become ill while in the nursery.

B.      All nursery volunteers must also be in good health.  A substitute should be found in the case of illness.

C.     All volunteers must follow the diapering procedure posted in each nursery room.  This procedure requires that all volunteers wear gloves when changing a diaper.  Changing table cover and gloves should be replaced with each diaper change.

D.     Volunteers should wash hands before and after each diaper change, nose wipe, and before serving/handling food/bottles.

E.      Parents are strongly encouraged to provide a sippy cup for their child.  If the child does not bring one, disposable ones are available. 

F.      Small toys in the crib room that are played with will be placed in the “dirty toy” basket to be washed.  Also, used sheets and blankets will be placed in the “dirty laundry” basket after each use.

     G. If an accident or injury should occur, the volunteer will  

notify the parent when the child is picked up (or earlier if necessary).  In addition, an accident form should be filled out for the office.


Nursery Ministry Info:

A.      The nursery ministry has the following positions:

1.      Nursery Coordinator

2.      Schedule Coordinator

3.      Supply and Maintenance Coordinator

4.      Nursery Greeters/Captains

5.      Nursery Volunteers

B.      Special event nurseries, i.e., special church services, will be arranged through the Nursery Coordinator.

C.     Nursery for women’s morning Bible study is handled by Women’s Ministry.

D.     Small group nursery is handled by the Small Group Coordinator.

E.      Midweek service is organized by the Nursery Coordinator.



Guidelines for Nursery Volunteers


A.  Arrival Procedures


1.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to serve.  The importance of this cannot be overemphasized.  Arriving early allows volunteers the opportunity to truly minister to the parents and children in an unhurried, thoughtful manner.  It also prevents the Nursery Captain from calling “emergency back up volunteers” because she is unsure whether or not a volunteer is coming. 


2.  Be sure that the lights are on and that the room is welcoming.

Greet the children and their parents at the door.  If they are new and/or visiting, assist them in completing a Special Instructions Sheet and Safety Care I.D. tag.  Be aware of children with special needs during their stay.  Be sure the diaper bag and contents are labeled. 


3.  Always wear a name tag.  Parents will feel comfortable knowing with whom they are leaving their children, and new people will get to know you.


4.  Please do not bring your own children into the area with you unless you are working in their age group.  This is an important safety issue.  If you need to work in your child’s room, let the Scheduling Coordinator know.


5.  Assure parents that we will not let their children cry for great lengths of time.  We will come and get the parents after 10 minutes or after a specified time set by the parents.


B.  Health and Safety Procedures


1.  Always follow the diaper changing policy posted above diaper changing station and listed below:

            a.  Wear a new pair of gloves for each diaper change.

            b.  Place new diaper changing pad on changing table for each

     diaper change.

            c.  Wash hands after each diaper change.

            d.  Check all diapers 10 minutes before the service is to end

and change as necessary. 


2.  When assisting a child in the bathroom, always leave the door to the bathroom open.

3.  Always wash hands before serving food.  Serve snacks on napkins at the table.


4.  Clean up after eating.  Encourage the children to help clean up.  Also, make sure that the children’s hands and faces are clean.


5.  Do not allow children to stand on furniture or climb on tables.  Teach them to take care of toys and books and how to play with them correctly.


6.   If an accident or injury should occur, the volunteer will 

notify the parent when the child is picked up (or earlier if necessary).  In addition, an accident form should be filled out for the office.


7.  If a child shows any signs of illness such as fever, excessive crying, diarrhea, coughing, colored runny nose, pink eye, lice, etc., do not allow the child inside the nursery and contact the Nursery Captain.  Each child must be free of fever and other symptoms for 24 hours before coming to the nursery.


8.  If you are unable to serve because of illness, find a replacement volunteer from the list of names on the back of the Nursery Schedule.  Contact the Nursery Coordinator or church office as soon as possible to notify them of the change.


9.  If you go outside or to another room, count the children 4 times:

            a. When leaving the room

            b. When entering the playground/other room

            c. When leaving other location

            d. When arriving back to the original location


C. During Each Child’s Stay


1.  Play with the children: read, sing, play games, etc.  Remember our responsibility is to the children in the nursery. 


2.  Children are always acceptable; certain behaviors are not.  Please pray with the children when correcting behavior.


3.  Use a soft voice with the children.  Give each child some attention.


D.  Departure Procedures




2.  Straighten room by picking up toys, books, etc.


3.  Wipe down large toys (swings etc.) if mouthed, put small toys that need to be cleaned in “dirty toy” basket, and put dirty linens in “dirty laundry” basket.


4.  Wipe tables and counters with Lysol Hard Surface Cleaner.


5.  Please inform Nursery Coordinator of any needed items, concerns or suggestions by noting these on the small clipboard pad in each room.


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